Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial grass is the smart option for the school, business or homeowner looking to cut down on the time effort and money that goes in to maintaining your lawn. It lets you enjoy great quality and great looking grass without the hassle and work of a real turf lawn. No more mowing or watering, giving you more time relaxing. Which is what lawns are for right!

No, artificial grass is made of realistic looking synthetic grass blades giving your lawn the look and feel of an authentic grass lawn.

All of our products are made for Australian conditions and have a 7 year UV warranty.

Most artificial grass surfaces can last as long as 20-25 years.

Nope! You can say goodbye to hours of lawn care and spend your time enjoying your grass. It is recommended to brush your lawn with a broom occasionally to even out the infill material for optimal performance.

We do suggest having a certified installer perform the installation, but also can provide a do it yourself kit for those that feel they can.

Our grass is great for pets! Dog urine is not a problem as it flushes through the turf’s drainage holes and drainage system when hosed off or in the rain. Solid waste is cleaned in the same manner as natural grass; with a scooper or spade.